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    Business Management Consultancy
    Advalus Business Management Consultants - provide multi-disciplinary advisory teams and expert advice on the commercial, technical, security and financial aspects of Public Sector projects and programmes.
  • Business Management Consultancy
    Advalus Business Management Consultants - provide public sector management consultancy across all elements of the security, technical and financial aspects of projects and programmes, specifically within Government organisations

Overview of Project and Programme Services

Advalus offers a coherent range of technical, commercial and financial advisory services to increase service effectiveness and/or asset capability within client organisations. To support this logic and process, the firm draws upon a multi-disciplinary range of competences and qualified staff;  

Our areas of engagement can include:

Programme & Project Feasibility

The firm’s knowledge of proven acquisition protocols (eg SMART) and project management frameworks  (eg PRINCE2, MSP etc) can be deployed to ensure appropriate governance and project controls throughout the life cycle. The basic premise and discipline of identifying a performance, cost and time contention for the relevant options and then carrying out an ‘evidence based analysis’ of the options to prove a case, remains at the heart of what we offer. By combining these analysis disciplines with a sound understanding of the relevant supplier markets, benchmarking, procurement timelines, etc our advisers are able to maintain a practical, active and professional set of protections to the client’s position.

Investment Appraisal, Business Case and Approvals Advice

Advalus prepare investment appraisal and business cases to meet both internal project sign-off procedures and to meet any broader cross Government requirements (including the reporting and approval requirements for HM Treasury and the Cabinet Office).

Advice on Commercial and Financial Issues for Complex Projects

Advalus ‘Subject Matter Experts’ have been advising on complex procurement projects and structured  transactions for government clients since the mid 1990’s. In fact the need for support on complex project procurement and the relative shortage of genuine experts was one of the main triggers and rationale for setting the firm up in 2003. Advalus can support internal teams on both the procurement process products for external suppliers, as well as the internal validation.

Contract Negotiation

Advalus consultants have an in-depth knowledge of identifying, drafting, letting, and ‘closing’ the spectrum of contracts that arise from complex projects and organisational change. The purposes of these contracts include the managed service procurements, asset and service supply contracts, outsourcing models, and the transition / transformation obligations for legacy positions.  Advalus is currently the core technical, business, financial, security and commercial advisers to HM Government's largest secure network and telecommunications contract.

System Design and Technology Architecture

Advalus technical consultants are able to provide design, solution assessment and implementation advice across the full range of ICT systems and services. The firm has a particular competence in the specification, assessment and deployment of secure voice/data networks and telecommunications.

Implementation, Transition and Transformation

Advalus has supported complex transitions and transformations on major ICT, accommodation and specialist asset procurements that have been embedded within large scale organisational change programmes. The firm has supported large scale specialist programmes through life; in order to deal with second and third wave change modifications.


Advalus - Adding value to your business
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