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    Business Management Consultancy
    Advalus Business Management Consultants - provide multi-disciplinary advisory teams and expert advice on the commercial, technical, security and financial aspects of Public Sector projects and programmes.
  • Business Management Consultancy
    Advalus Business Management Consultants - provide public sector management consultancy across all elements of the security, technical and financial aspects of projects and programmes, specifically within Government organisations

Financial Consultancy Services

Advalus Financial SME Consultants provide a number of Financial Services in support of public and private sector clients, including:

  • Cost/ benefit feasibility studies  for Services, Programmes, and Projects
  • Production of pro-forma business cases & affordability studies
  • Formal approval cases
  • Assessment & evaluation of service strategy and delivery options
  • Investment appraisal of options
  • Market, supplier and business analysis to support option assessment
  • Benchmarking and should cost comparators
  • Risk management
  • Financial structuring of  external contracts, funding sources, and new service delivery organisations
  • Procurement support and financial evaluation
  • Complex financial modeling
  • Special purpose vehicles, creation of ‘not for profit’ organisations 
  • Financial contractual documentation and audit / peer reviews (including payment mechanisms) 
  • Through life support on Change Management and Performance Review


Advalus - Adding value to your business
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